May 13, 2011

Anal sex - what women like/dislike

There is a wide range of people who practice anal sex. The reasons why people like to practice anal sex vary greatly. Some men and women say that anal sex enables them to reach orgasm, with or without simultaneous stimulation of their genitals (penis or clitoris). Generally, for women, pleasure is derived through anal intercourse due to the shared nerve endings that are located between the rectal wall and the vagina, and/or from indirect stimulation of the G-spot. The anus contains many nerves as well, which can also react in a pleasurable manner when excited.
Anal sex (stimulation from a finger, a toy, or the full Monty) is still a taboo subject for many people (and illegal is some states). Why some men like anal sex so much? Well, the main reason and most probably the main factor that stimulates men to practice anal sex is that this section is much more forbidden and not so popular among heterosexuals as vaginal sex. But there is a different question with women side and female have much more likes and dislikes about anal sex. So what do women hate about anal sex and what do they love in it?
Actually anal sex can be even very pleasurable for women due to some biological factors – the rectum shares a membrane with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are closer on that side, which makes the sensation unique, stronger and probably more orgasmic.
Many women still think that anal sex is a taboo and it’s just a thing you can see only in porn flicks. But nowadays when teenage girls become pregnant very often, when group sex is becoming more popular among everyone it’s quite evident that anything ends in the bedroom.
There is a saying that women try anal sex twice in their life: first time – to see how it is, and second time – to check if it was really that bad.
So here are some things that women dislike, even hate about anal sex:
1. During anal sex, female virtually hand their sexual power over to their partners. So men have the ability to prevent woman’s orgasm. Penetration usually occurs from behind: man enters her sexually when she can’t see him and women’s sexual satisfaction is in mans hands.Women are not sure what man is doing “back there” so usually they are afraid of pain and suffering.
2. Penis can cause serious damage to a woman by hurting terribly when it comes to anal aperture if men are not careful. Men need to pay serious attention to a woman’s penetration when she is not relaxed, so to be sensitive is a necessity.
3. Women hate insensitive men whose motives are selfish. So during anal sex woman make sure that her partner is smart wnough to understand some things as using lubricant to avoid a possible pain. It might be very painful because it’s not a “juicy vagina” – in this situation men should apply a lot of lubricant.
So there are some things that women doesn't like about anal sex and every women who never tried it should firslty remember these things and make sure to avoid pain and bad feelings. But there are also some things that women love about anal sex, here are the main points and advices for men what women need to love it:
1. It might be strange, but women get r...

Increase your Sexual Attractiveness with Pheromones

Pheromones are a natural chemical compound found in all insects, animals, and humans. Animals detect pheromones over a distance – they help them mark territory and recognize mates. Human pheromones are natural hormones and we use them to communicate with one another on a subconscious level. They are detected by a little organ inside the nose and then being transmitted to our brains as a chemical message of sex and sexual attraction.
Not everyone knows that these days’ pheromones can be found as a product – colognes, sprays, oils, gels, wipes, lotions, soaps and even candles. There are different pheromones for Men and Women. Pheromone products mainly contain one or all of the following human pheromones:
*Androstenone - the pheromone that gives a macho, dominant male aura. It attracts and arouses women on a primordial level and women reported having better and stronger orgasm during sex.
*Androstenol – is called as a friendly pheromone. You will seem nice, friendly and approachable to others.
*Androsterone – is knows as a middle ground between the first two. People say that androsterone is very similar to andostenone, just it doesn’t give a male macho aura as much.
*Copulins – is found in pheromones for women to use. Copulins are produced by women naturally, during their ovulation time. Copulins are used towards attracting men.
Pheromones come in both scented and unscented products. Some people use scented pheromones as simple perfume or body spray. Then they don‘t need to use any other perfume. Unscented products can be mixed with colognes, perfumes or body sprays. Both kinds of pheromones are applied in the same places where you usually apply other perfume or body spray.
Pheromones “work” for both male and female, and pheromone products are being used to gain sexual attraction of the opposite sex.
Guys, it doesn‘t matter how you look like – fat or slim, tall or short, handsome or not a sexy macho – if you use pheromones, women will find you sexually attractive. After women smell pheromones in the pheromone product they will become attracted to you. Try to use pheromone products and you will notice that women are starting to show you more attention, more eye contact, more dates and of course more sex.
The same is for women. If you like a man and he is not paying as much attention to you as you want – try a pheromone “attack”. When he is around you - make sure you sprayed pheromones on your body and you will start feel difference. Many women use this “weapon” to get the guys they want.
Pheromones can help you increase your attractiveness, bring you more success in business and many social situations, make people comfortable around you and improve your own mood.

10 Things Men Hate in Bed

We already gave you, guys, some tips about what women hate in bed, and know it’s about time to talk about things that men hate in bed about female behavior. So, ladies, read this carefully if you don’t want to leave bad impression for a guy when you have sex with him. Of course these things might be helpful not for every single couple, because eveyone of us have different needs and requirements for sex.
1. During sex some women doesn‘t do anything – just lie down and expect to have some pleasure now. That is the worst thing you can do, men hate that. Women should move, despite man is on the top. Women, show your partners that you want to have sex with them as well as he does. If women look like “lying dead” – partner can even get sexual problems, if he cares how to give you pleasure.

2. Almost every woman would agree that she likes to be kissed. Well the same is with men. They also love when women are kissing them, all his body. That drives them crazy. If you want to satisfy your men in bed, kiss him, tease and play with him.
3. Some old fashioned women still think that man has to take all the control in bed while having sex. But that is absolutely wrong. Women also have to take control in bed. Show that you want to have sex now, tell him what he has to do, because now you are the one who is dictating the rules. I can assure your man will be very excited and pleased about such an action. Sometimes they like to be controlled.
4. Be very sensitive to your partner. Women like to have sensitive man next to her, try doing the same to your man. Men’s bodies are really sensitive and women should do their best to make him feel as good as he makes her feel. Ladies, don’t be egoistic.
5. If you want to get pleasure, don’t forget to give it to your partner too. Men sometimes thing that their lady in bed doesn’t care at all what is he feeling, does he like her actions. Women should always remember to ask questions such as “how do you like that?”, “how does that feel?” Let him know that you care what he feels and if he likes that or not. They love to have your attention.
6. Don’t confuse your partner. Some women don’t show their emotions – that means men do not understand weather you like it or not. Don’t feel shy to scream when you feel like screaming from pleasure, breathe a bit harder. Do some noise, because it’s the best way to inform your partner about your feelings at that moment. That would help you too. Your man will know what you like best and you will be rewarded.
7. Do you feel your sexual life is getting a bit boring? Take some action – keep it new. Don’t be shy to surprise your partner with some new sexy outfit. Wear it, dance to him and you will drive him crazy. They love little teasing with sexy clothes and get excited about upcoming sex.
8. Men don’t like when women never show initiative to have sex. Usually old fashioned or very shy women do